Green printing and waste management

Reducing our impact on the environment is something that we at Fisherprint take extremely seriously and we are proud of our clean, safe printing production environment.

We continually strive to endorse the best green printing and waste management practice throughout our print business to achieve this.

We were among the first printing companies to attain the Forestry Stewardship Council Chain of Custody certification (FSC), which means we are permitted to label our paper print products with the FSC logo.

This enables customers worldwide to recognise that their products have been manufactured in support of responsible forest management as part of our sustainable printing commitment.

Please contact us for an FSC Product Group List.

As an environmentally responsible printing company we have installed a waste extraction and compacting system to efficiently handle all paper-based waste from our finishing department for recycling purposes. Our printing processes also use vegetable-based inks instead of harmful solvents.

These and other eco printing measures have helped Fisherprint to adopt an Environmental Management System that is comparable to ISO 14001.

Our comprehensive energy policy minimises our impact on the environment by promoting only energy efficient print practices and processes at all times, giving our customers the guarantee they need that they are working with a printing company that takes its corporate social responsibility seriously.

What we recycle:

  • Printing paper (compacted on site)
  • Cardboard (bailed on site)
  • Plastic (bailed on site)
  • Chemicals
  • Ink
  • Ink tins
  • Aluminium printing plates
  • Office waste
  • Soiled rags
  • Electrical equipment
  • Wood and wooden pallets
  • Garden waste

Only a small amount of general waste goes to landfill.