What Kind of Printers Are We?

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The term ‘printing’ can become misconstrued as there are so many variants, but here at Fisherprint and TLC Signs & Banners, we thought we would let you know exactly who we are.

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At Fisherprint we pride ourselves in our work. We ave developed ourselves as a high quality corporate and pharmaceutical printer. With 70 years experience, you can be safe assured that we take great pride in the work that we do and have the dedicated staff with expertise knowledge and a mountain of experience behind them to fulfill any print job.

specialist printers fisherprint printers peterborough

An example of the printing process at Fisherprint.

Corporate Printing

Corporate printing is a massive industry, not only for ourselves, but globally as well. The phrase ‘corporate print’ is an ambiguous one, as is has many different avenues and channels associated with it.

With recent and continual work with companies such as Yamaha, The Woodland Trust, Caterpillar, Proctor and Gamble and many other global conglomerates, Fisherprint and TLC Signs & Banners aim is to continually provide the highest quality product and service possible.

corporate printing letterhead printing fisherprint printers peterborough

Corporate letterhead printing at Fisherprint.

With an array of products and services available such as booklets, leaflets and miniature folding our corporate printing advantages have grown ever bigger. With high quality print and the highest level of customer service at the forefront of our ethos, Fisherprint have carved out an illustrious career and pathway in the print industry.

corporate booklet printing fisherprint printers peterborough

Corporate booklet printing at Fisherprint.

Pharmaceutical Printing

Pharmaceutical printing is another aspect of our printing practice that holds just as much weight and presence as corporate print. Since 1995 Fisherprint has help the PS 9000:2011 certification, allowing us to ethically print pharmaceutical material.

pharmaceutical inserts fisherprint pharmaceutical printers peterborough

Pharmaceutical printing at Fisherprint.

With an plethora of miniature folding available at Fisherprint, we can accommodate any form of pharmaceutical printing. With most printing, most pharmaceutical print happens in the off-set litho format, which is a method of printing that consists of aluminium plates wrapped around metal cylinders. he cylinders then rotate onto another cylinder made from rubber, which in turn rotates onto the paper beneath.

pharaceutical printing fisherprint printers peterborough

Pharmaceutical printing at Fisherprint.

This method of printing is not only efficient and economical, but allows for maximum output and a consistent high quality level of print each and every time. Supplying pharmaceutical printing for hair dyes, prescription medication, baby products and many more, Fisherprint have built an enviable reputation of consistent and quality driven print, both pharmaceutical and corporate.

off set litho printing cylinders fisherprint printers peterborough

An example of Off-Set Litho printing at Fisherprint.

Merger With TLC Signs & Banners

Since 2016 Fisherprint have completed the merger with TLC Signs & Banners, a sign, banner and installation company based on the outskirts of Peterborough. TLC Signs & Banners was first created by Bob Lavender in 2003, a entrepreneur who saw a gap in the market for a sign and banner designer and manufacturer who also installed their products.

In 2016 Fisherprint and TLC merged under the FisherGroup to come under one roof and become an all-encompassing print company that caters to most print needs. With an already enviable reputation and high quality standards, it was up to Fisherprint to uphold such values and standards.

With clients such as the Hammerson contract, national charities and global conglomerates, TLC Signs & Banners have gone from strength to strength, and under the FisherGroup umbrella we hope to continue such successes.

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