Offering a range of services

We use an advanced digital workflow system, computer-to-plate technology and digital colour proofing operating to FOGRA 39.

Our in-house studio consists of a team of experienced designers and artworkers who will can take a brief and produce concepts and layouts to the highest creative and commercial standards.

Every job is checked for literal and grammatical errors before plates are produced as part of our value added proof reading and quality control service.

Save time signing off single or multi-page low or high resolution PDF or FTP proofs with our remote digital proofing service via our Web To Print service or email.

Colour proofing is validated using a printer equipped with a Spectrophotometer, each page is scanned and validated for colour correctness.

Our digital workflow system with CTP technology means we offer the maximum benefit to our customers in terms of quality, accuracy and turnaround and our cataloguing and database storage means we are able to manage our customers’ Corporate identity, logos and templates etc… in electronic image libraries.

State of the art equipment

  • High resolution colour proofing to meet the requirements of the ISO 12647-2 colour management standard, using the FOGRA 39 data set.
  • Colour proofing validated using a printer equipped with a Spectrophotometer.
  • Formats for proofing include high resolution colour true proofs, low resolution content proofs, PDF proofing and online proofing.
  • Equipment includes an AGFA Avalon N8-22S Thermal Platemaker with AGFA X-45 semi-automatic platemaker as a back-up. This system includes the AGFA Apogee Portal Web Approval proofing tool and Stream Proofing.